Master’s Degree with School Administration Certification Courses

Pennsylvania or New Jersey

Required Courses:
GE-6015 Introduction to Statistical Data and Research
GE-6030 Theory and Application of Educational Administration
GE-6035 Teaching and Supervising Diverse Student Populations
GE-6055 Human Development, Communication and Learning
GE-6070 Instructional Leadership and Supervision
GE-6130 School and Community Relations
GE-6140 School Personnel Administration
GE-6220 School Law
GE-6240 School Finance and Accounting
GE-7020 Advanced Fieldwork (360 hours in PA; 300 hours in NJ)

Elective courses (select two):
GE-6115 Principles, Methods, Development and Assessment of Curriculum
GE-6155  Design, Development and Assessment of Instruction
GE-6211  Building Exemplary School Curriculum by Design
GE-6212  Curriculum Management for School Leaders

Curriculum: 11 courses plus fieldwork = 37 credits total