Students participate in a variety of course embedded learning opportunities that includes institutional, departmental, and course outcomes.

The Educational Leadership Program student learning outcomes are:

  1. Students will apply their knowledge and skills to think and plan strategically, in order to create an organizational vision around student success, which includes managing resources, and creating a culture of teaching and learning.
  2. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of standards-based systems theory and design through the application of analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving for school based reform.
  3. Students will complete assigned case studies and legal briefs in order to further their understanding of management, leadership, and problem solving situations, including the values of integrity, reliability, and honesty.
  4. Students will identify the mastery of essential concepts, knowledge, and methods concerning accessing and using appropriate data to inform decision-making at all levels of the system. These skills include research, using internet sources, applicable databases, and appropriate software.
  5. Students will explain and demonstrate the way in which an educational leader collaborates, communicates, engages, and empowers others in order to pursue excellence in education.