Dr. Audrey Ervin, academic director
Dr. Allison Buskirk-Cohen
Dr. Matthew Mutchler
Dr. Mary Burke
Dr. Janet Edgette
Mr. Ahmed Ghuman
Dr. Mindy Raggi 
Mr. Chris Walter

Dr. Audrey Ervin, academic director

Dr. Audrey Ervin, the graduate program’s academic director, is a licensed psychologist who completed a doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Memphis and a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Delaware where she specialized in diversity issues and mindfulness-based interventions in therapy. Her clinical and research areas focus on multiculturalism with a particular emphasis on gender, sexual orientation, racial identity and international issues. She has presented her work at numerous national and international conferences including the American Psychological  Association, the Association for Women in Psychology, the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and the Fourth International Women’s Conference in Cuba. She was the national spokesperson for the Association for Women in Psychology and concurrently served as a member of the implementation collective. She serves on the Public Education Committee and the Committee on Multiculturalism for the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. She served as staff psychologist for the May 2012 and summer 2009 voyages aboard Semester At Sea, a comparative international study abroad program that journeyed to Central America, South America, Europe and North Africa. She owns Ervin Counseling & Consulting, LLC., is an assistant professor of counseling psychology at Delaware Valley University, and is a nationally certified Stop The Hate trainer. Dr. Ervin is an avid public speaker who presents nationally and internationally on competent multicultural practices in business, organizations and education.

Dr. Ervin was recently named to the Bucks County Courier Times “40 under 40” list, as well as the 2013 “99 Top Professors in Counseling, Psychology, and Therapy” list.


Post Doctoral Fellowship, Center for Counseling and Student Development, University of Delaware
Ph.D. in counseling psychology, University of Memphis (APA-accredited)
M.A. in psychology, Pepperdine University
B.S. in psychology (magna cum laude), East Stroudsburg University

Dr. Allison Buskirk-Cohen

Dr. Allison Buskirk-Cohen holds a doctorate in human development with a specialization in developmental sciences from the University of Maryland. Always fascinated by youth, Dr. Buskirk-Cohen has been researching the social lives of children and adolescents for several years. She is interested in how peer and family relationships impact adjustment, particularly during significant transitions. Dr. Buskirk-Cohen also has become interested in studying teaching and learning in higher education. She is an advocate of learner-centered education, in which the focus is on the process, and how both students and teachers contribute to the learning environment. Lastly, Dr. Buskirk-Cohen studies the impact of technology on our development. Often, her work focuses on technology use for educational purposes, but she also is interested in how technology use impacts our social relationships and intellectual development. At Delaware Valley University, Dr. Buskirk-Cohen proudly serves on several committees, and is active in student organizations. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and advanced textbooks, and presented at academic conferences around the world.


Ph.D. in human development, University of Maryland, College Park
    Specialization: Developmental Sciences
    Advisor: Dr. Kenneth H. Rubin
    Dissertation: The best friendships of early adolescents: The role of internalizing symptoms, characteristics of
    friends, friendship quality, and observed disclosure.
M.A. in developmental psychology, Columbia University
    Concentration: Developmental Psychopathology
    Advisor: Dr. Suniya Luthar
    Thesis: Links between adolescent depression and peer groups.
B.A. in psychology, Penn State University
    Honors Concentration in Social Psychology: Schreyer Honors College
    Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Pinel
    Thesis: Silent but deadly: The impact of “non-serious” traumas on the psychological immune system

Dr. Matthew Mutchler

Matthew Mutchler is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and holds master's and doctoral degrees in human development and family studies with specializations in couple and family therapy. While working on his Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Mutchler discovered a passion for teaching. He taught undergraduate courses on family dynamics, and after completing his degree, taught clinical courses in the university's marriage and family therapy program. After leaving Connecticut, he spent several years teaching undergraduate human development and family studies courses at Penn State University's Scranton campus.

He is excited to bring his passion for teaching and clinical practice to the counseling psychology programs at Delaware Valley University. In his teaching, Dr. Mutchler strives to relate course material to students' past experiences, current lives, and future goals. He emphasizes vibrant class discussions and experiential learning. His research focuses on counselor development and self-efficacy, ethical dilemmas, and developing methods to work conjointly with divorced or separated parents. Dr. Mutchler has presented his work at many national and international conferences, including the American Psychological Association, the International Society of Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection, and the National Council on Family Relations.


Ph.D. in human development and family studies, University of Connecticut
    Specialization: marriage and family therapy (COAMFTE-accredited)
    Dissertation: Personal agency of the therapist: A multidimensional construction of the selves of marriage and
    family therapists
M.S. in human development and family studies, University of Rhode Island
    Specialization: marriage and family therapy (COAMFTE-accredited)
B.S. in psychology, Carnegie Mellon University
    Minor: multimedia production

Dr. Mary Burke

Mary is a professor of psychology at Carlow University in Pittsburg, PA where she is the program director for the doctoral program in counseling psychology. Her scholarly interests and advocacy efforts include minority mental health in the context of oppressive systems, gender based violence, trauma and human trafficking. Dr. Burke teaches Advocacy and Social Justice Counseling, an online graduate course at DelVal.




Dr. Janet Edgette

Janet has a private practice in Exton, PA, focused on child, adolescent and family therapy where she specializes in working with adolescents who have found the experience of therapy unhelpful in the past. Dr. Edgette provides clinical training and workshops and is the author of six books in the areas of counseling teens, parenting teens, raising boys, and sports psychology. She teaches Advanced Counseling Techniques in the graduate program.




Mr. Ahmed Ghuman

Ahmed holds an M.A. in clinical/counseling psychology and is currently working toward his Psy.D. in clinical psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. His research focuses on Islamophobia and the prevailing fear of Muslims in American society. Mr. Ahmed teaches several undergraduate classes at DelVal and will be teaching Human Development, Counseling Assessment, and Multicultural Counseling.




Dr. Mindy Raggi

Mindy works in private practice and has extensive experience with children and adults. Her approach is integrative, specializing in trauma history and relationships, growth, and self-awareness issues. Dr. Raggi’s experience includes clinical direction of a large hospice center. Her current research interests include trauma, assessment, and the effects of trauma on the therapeutic alliance. She teaches Group Counseling, Internship Seminar II, and Psychology of Gender.




Mr. Chris Walter

Chris has a local private practice where he focuses on spirituality, consciousness, trauma, sexuality, and LTBQ issues. Certified in Transpersonal Breathwork, Mr. Walter facilitates area workshops and is the clinical coordinator for the graduate program. He will be teaching the practicum course in the graduate program.