Dr. Ann Bacon
Abington School District
Program Design, Evaluation and Development

Brenda Jones Bray, CPA
Upper Dublin School District
Planning and Managing Financial Resources for K-12

Dr. Joseph Brosnan
Retired President, Delaware Valley University
Policy Development and Analysis in Higher Education

Dr. Todd Fay
Leading Comprehensive Student Support Services

Dr. Nadine Garvin
Central Bucks School District
Introduction to Educational Research
Dissertation Design (chapters one and three)
Research Methods
Dissertation Preparation (topic development)

Dr. Mark Hoffman
Bucks County Intermediate Unit
Using and Integrating Learning Technologies

Dr. Jerry Jellig
South Brunswick School District
Leadership, Diversity and Societal Change

Mark Klein, Esq.
Educational Leadership and Change Theory
Legal and Ethical Leadership

Dr. Kenneth Koczur
Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Dr. N. Robert Laws
Delaware Valley University
Superintendent Practicum and Field Experience I, II and III

Dr. Joseph A. Lewis
Educational Policy, Politics and Current Issues
School Community Partnerships and Public Relations

Dr. Christopher Manno
Burlington Township Special Services School District
Burlington County Institute of Technology

Dr. Larry Martin
Introduction to Educational Research
Dissertation Preparation (topic development)

Dr. Mike Masko
Bucks County Intermediate Unit
Professional Development and Supervision
Program Design Evaluation and Development

Dr. Amanda Mumford
Central Bucks School District
Dissertation Design (chapters one and three)
Research Methods

Dr. Joanne Smith
Research Methods

Dr. Christopher Tokpah
Delaware County Community College
Research Methods

Dr. April Vari
Delaware Valley University
Student Services and Enrollment Management in Higher Education

Dr. Alyssa Walloff
Central Bucks School District
Dissertation Design (chapter two)

Dr. Jerel Wohl
Economic Development of Higher Education Organization
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Planning and Managing Financial Resources for Higher Education