DelVal's MBA program welcomes students with diverse experiences and professional backgrounds. True to our commitment to student success and flexibility, we provide students with multiple options to achieve the competencies that serve as the foundation for graduate level business coursework. While other MBA programs will require you to take multiple prerequisite courses either online or at an undergraduate institution before starting the program, DelVal offers a staggered approach that allows you to get started in graduate level courses as soon as possible. We offer blended learning methods to match your abilities in specific topics with your budget and comfort level in learning either independently or in a classroom setting.


Students entering the MBA program without all required previous coursework can prove their competency in required subjects through competency exams, online self-study modules or foundation courses taught by DelVal professors. Students can mix and match these options depending on comfort level with the subject.

Online Self-Study Modules/Competency Exams
Delaware Valley University has partnered with Ivy Software to provide MBA students the opportunity to achieve competency in the business subjects required for success in the MBA program. By completing the online module and passing the corresponding competency exam with a score of 70 or higher, students will be granted proficiency in the given subject matter. Students who are confident in their knowledge of a given subject may choose to take the competency exam only. These modules:

  • Are completely online, self-paced, independent study options
  • Require no additional purchase of study materials/books
  • Feature a final exam at the end of each unit. Students are given three chances to pass the competency final exam with a grade of 70 or higher. Students who do not pass the competency exam in the three given attempts will be required to take a full college course in the subject matter to receive credit for the competency.
  • Cost students $75 to purchase the module via Ivy Software, and an additional $50 processing fee at the time of completion so that DelVal may access scores. Ivy Software charges $25 to students wishing to attempt the competency exam without purchasing or viewing the module.
  • Are non-credit bearing
  • Do not qualify for financial aid
  • May be purchased via Ivy Software Core Competency Modules

DelVal Taught Foundation Courses
The DelVal taught foundation courses were designed to help students tackle quantitative subjects like finance, accounting, statistics and economics that may be more challenge to learn independently or online. These courses:

  • Are generally taught in an online or hybrid format, allowing for students to work more quickly through some topics and get extra help when needed
  • Create a community for students entering business studies for the first time
  • Do not count toward the 30 credits required to graduate but can be part of your formal degree program for financial aid purposes

For more details on how your previous coursework can fulfill these competencies as well as the best way to prepare for the MBA program, please contact us.