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  • Chemistry


  • B.S. in chemistry, San José State University
  • M.S. in chemistry, University of Oregon
  • Ph.D. in chemistry, University of Oregon


Dr. Edward Sambriski joined the faculty in the chemistry department in August 2009.  Prior to coming to Delaware Valley University, he worked as a post-doctoral associate in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; His previous teaching experience includes courses in chemistry, physics, and chemical engineering.

At Delaware Valley University, Dr. Sambriski teaches lecture and laboratory courses in general and physical chemistry.  As an advocate for learning-by-doing, Dr. Sambriski focuses on an active-learning style that elicits student participation and promotes collaborative, task-based activities.  To make chemistry more meaningful to students, he draws upon examples from across disciplines to illustrate its role as the central science.

Throughout his career, Dr. Sambriski has been involved in interdisciplinary projects.  His research interests are in the areas of macromolecular science, molecular self-assembly, statistical mechanics, biotechnology, nanoscale science, and molecular modeling.  His research specializes in high-throughput computer modeling and simulations.  He holds collaborations with research universities nationally and abroad.

Selected Publications

J. A. Moreno-Razo, E. J. Sambriski, N. L. Abbott, J. P. Hernández-Ortiz, and J. J. de Pablo (2012).  Liquid-crystal-mediated self-assembly at nanodroplet interfaces.  Nature 485, 86-89.

E. Cañeda-Guzmán, J. A. Moreno-Razo, E. Díaz-Herrera, and E. J. Sambriski (2012).  Structure and Translational Diffusion in Liquid Crystalline Phases of a Gay-Berne Mesogen: A Molecular Dynamics Study.  In J. Klapp et al. (eds.).  Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Fluid Dynamics, Springer-Verlag, 25-38.

J. A. Moreno-Razo, E. J. Sambriski, G. M. Koenig Jr., E. Díaz-Herrera, N. L. Abbott, and J. J. de Pablo (2011).  Effects of anchoring strength on the diffusivity of nanoparticles in model liquid-crystalline fluids.  Soft Matter 7, 6828.

M. J. Hoefert, E. J. Sambriski, and J. J. de Pablo (2011).  Molecular pathways in DNA-DNA hybridization of surface-bound oligonucleotides.  Soft Matter 7, 560-566.

E. J. Sambriski, D. C. Schwartz, and J. J. de Pablo (2010).  Association Free Energy of DNA Oligonucleotides from Expanded Ensembles.  AIP Conf. Proc. 1319, 148-159.

E. J. Sambriski, D. C. Schwartz, and J. J. de Pablo (2009).  Uncovering pathways in DNA oligonucleotide hybridization via transition state analysis.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 106, 18125-18130.

E. J. Sambriski, V. Ortiz, and J. J. de Pablo (2009).  Sequence effects in the melting and renaturation of DNA oligonucleotides: structure and mechanistic pathways.  J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 21, 034105.

E. J. Sambriski, D. C. Schwartz, and J. J. de Pablo (2009).  Mesoscale model of DNA and its renaturation.  Biophys. J. 96, 1675-1690.


t: 215.489.4785
e: edward.sambriski@delval.edu

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