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  • Biology_

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  • Policy Studies (M.A.)_


  • B.S. in food science, Purdue University
  • M.S. in meat science, University of Wisconsin
  • Ph.D. in muscle biology, University of Wisconsin


Darl Swartz came to DelVal in August 2011 bringing a wealth of teaching experience and a passion for his field. He joined DelVal after teaching at Purdue University and The Indiana University School of Medicine.

He decided to pursue biology because he wanted to understand cell structure and function and learn how cells work, and loves it because of the diversity of cell types in both plants and animals.

At the University of Wisconsin he completed a fellowship in the department of physiology. At Purdue University he taught muscle biology and meat science courses for six years. At the Indiana University School of Medicine he taught histology and cell biology for 10 years.

Colleagues at Indiana University recognized him twice for his dedication to teaching by selecting him for the Schellhamer Teaching Award. He said the winners were mainly chosen by peers, but that the process took into account some of the student comments and reviews.

Dr. Swartz feels that education should involve chances to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real world challenges and problems. Throughout his career, he has mentored over a dozen graduate and undergraduate students who were helping with biomedical research. He said the students were primarily studying skeletal muscle and smooth muscle and diseases associated with those muscles, such as cardiomyopathy, a disease that makes heart muscle larger and weaker, and high blood pressure.

He was drawn to DelVal because of the experiential learning aspect, the significant hands-on lab experience opportunities for students, the small class sizes and the opportunity to provide students with more individualized instruction. He teaches Bio Science I, Bio Science II and Histology. He is also working on developing a cell biology class.


t: 215.489.2445
e: darl.swartz@delval.edu

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