Our students gain real-world experiences through internships, career exploration, student research, study abroad, leadership development or community service. They build their careers from day one, beginning with a course incorporating professional development and problem-based learning and ending with a professional portfolio that incorporate these varied experiences.

E360 is central to a DelVal education and embraces activities and opportunities that give our students expansive opportunities. We teach the difference between leadership and management, and provide students with leadership knowledge and behaviors developed through a cycle of practice, reflection and integration of an expert body of knowledge.

Our professors don't just lecture – they teach and engage. They use practical examples, integrating theory and real-world applied problem solving, better preparing our students for their E360 activities. Through these experiences, students garner improved communication skills, a better awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and greater self-confidence.

research - study abroad - internship - student teaching

Nathan Lee Hykes '15 chose DelVal for its intimate size, strong plant science program and its emphasis on hands-on learning. "The hands-on experience at DelVal has helped me to have an extremely practical understanding of my field," Hykes said. "I can see clearly how new skills and techniques that I am learning can be applied directly into production. "Hykes credits his professors with utilizing their own experiences in the industry to help guide him into a career that's right for him.

leadership - civic engagement - community service

Olivia Shadduck '15 was originally drawn to DelVal because of a strong animal science program and the College's hands-on approach to learning. "DelVal gave me the opportunity to learn all about animal procedures and then to go and test it out on the farm," she said. The hands-on approach offers students an extra level of learning, beyond the textbook.

classroom - applied learning

Coming in as a freshman, the Experience360 Program opens up opportunities for students who are undecided. As one of those students, Stephanie DelVento '16, used the hands-on experience opportunities at DelVal to challenge her to try new things and find the right career path for her.

Education without experience can only take you half way.