Vision Statement

  • Delaware Valley University will be an exemplary small, private, teaching university.
  • We will have an uncompromising commitment to the education of our students.
  • We will provide intellectual leadership and be an ethical example.
  • We will be champions of interdisciplinary inquiry and the art and science of personal teaching.
  • We will imbue all of our educational programs with the practical application of knowledge through experiential learning, fully utilizing our unique campus, including its distinctive facilities and location.
  • Our faculty, staff and administration will be committed to innovation and empowered to distinguish themselves through creative collaboration and excellence.
  • We will deploy state-of-the-art technologies and processes to continuously improve and renew ourselves.
  • As stewards, we will secure the financial resources that are the investments in our future that will excite and inspire.
  • In our design and delivery of compelling educational models, we will be uncompromisingly attentive to the issue of affordability, which reflects our genuine commitment to our students and their families.
  • While assiduously attending to the quality of the education provided students, we will be outward-focused and build relationships with alumni, the community, and partners to garner the broadest possible engagement in our mission and to have an impact on the wider world.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees at its meeting February 19, 2010; updated April 8, 2015.

Vision for a University

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