• Applications for graduation are due February 23. If you have not yet applied, call 215.489.2935.
  • If there are any outstanding course requirements or substitutions, see your advisor or department chair. You may also contact the registrar's office either in person, by phone at 215.489.2378 or 215.489.2935 or by e-mail.
  • Please direct any questions to

Financial Aid

  • If you received Federal Stafford and/or Federal Direct Loans at any time during your attendance at Delaware Valley University, it is a federal requirement that you complete Federal Direct Loan exit counseling. Log in and follow the link to "Complete Exit Counseling."
  • The Office of Financial Aid office will provide in-person exit counseling upon request.
  • Federal Direct Loan borrowers will receive a personalized informational packet detailing loan exit procedures which will be mailed to the address on record with Delaware Valley University. If you wish to have these materials mailed to your home or permanent address, please be sure to contact the Office of the Registrar and update your address information.
  • If you have questions, please contact the financial aid office at 215.489.2272 or

Bursar’s Office

  • Check with the bursar's office to see if you have a balance due.
  • If you had a Federal Perkins Loan at DelVal, you must complete a Federal Perkins Loan exit interview. Print a copy for your records when finished.
  • Return all rental textbooks, library materials, athletic equipment and post office keys.
  • Pay any outstanding parking fines.

Center for Student Professional Development

  • Complete the First Destination Survey, to ensure that we have accurate information of your plans after graduation.
  • Ensure that you've met the Experience360 or Employment Program's requirements for your academic program. For your status of your E360 or Employment Program, visit the CSPD office in Segal Hall (first floor).

Residence Life

  • Graduating seniors have a variety of options for checking out of the residence halls: following their last final, during Senior Week or following Commencement.
  • Specific information regarding the check-out process is posted on the Residence Life page of the campus portal. Information will also be distributed toward the end of the spring semester via DelVal email, and to your door by the residential staff.