Tribute To Dr. Krauskopf At His Passing
In Memorium

T A MEETING of the Board of Directors of the National  Farm School held on Wednesday evening, June 20th, 1923,  the following Minute was adopted by a rising, silent vote:

On the twelfth day of June, nineteen hundred and twenty-three,

Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf, D. D.

the Founder and President of the National Farm School, was translated from life to life, from life temporal to life eternal. The National Farm School was the creation of the vision and mind and effort of the Reverend Doctor Joseph Krauskopf. To it he gave a maximum of his devotion; for it he had a maximum of affection; it was the child of his innermost conviction, and the object of his tireless energy and never-ending service since the day of the school's inception to the day of its Founder's death.


     The Board of Directors of the National Farm School mourn the death of their President and leader, and they do hereby


     Resolve, That the work of the Founder shall not have been in vain, and that to the best of their ability, individually and collectively, this institution shall be perpetuated, its existence made secure, its further growth and development assured, that is may henceforth become the monument and memorial to JOSEPH KRAUSKOPF, dreamer of dreams realized, priest and prophet of the living God, faithful servant of mankind. It is further,


     Resolved, That this minute be suitably engrossed and presented to Mrs. Joseph Krauskopf; that it be published in the daily press of Philadelphia, in the Jewish Exponent, the Year Book of the National Farm School and in the Gleaner.


Abraham J. Feldman, Chairman,
Alfred M. Klein,
Leon Merz,



   Harry B. Hirsh,
       Acting President


From the Philadelphia Public Ledger
(October 9, 1923):

"Monuments like the National Farm School at Doylestown are better than stones set upright in a cemetery or sculptured tablets placed in a wall. Rabbi Krauskopf's eloquence and influence have continuing life in the school he founded, and the memorial he would prefer is that of human life inspired and ennobled because of his altruism. For the first time, the master-builder was absent from the annual meeting of the institution he created, but the thousands present have taken the torch from the hand of the leader fallen and will carry it forward in his spirit for the good of generations yet to be."

From President Herbert Hoover:

"…it is indeed a great national loss that his time for constructive service should be over. The vision which twenty-five years ago he began to make a reality has today left a heritage of very real and constructive value not only to Jewry but to the whole country. The National Farm School, built under the most trying circumstances, through his endless courage and unwavering determination, is in itself a monument of which posterity will be proud. In addition, the fine qualities which Dr. Krauskopf brought to his every task cannot but leave this country spiritually richer."

From Joseph H. Appel
(of the John Wanamaker store):

"Dr Krauskopf and John Wanamaker were great friends. They met on the common ground of humanity. They worked closely together in many ways for the uplift of the people of the community in which they lived. I know it was a severe loss to Dr. Krauskopf when John Wanamaker died. I know it would be a distinct loss to John Wanamaker were he here today to hear the news of the death of his old friend."