The Quotable Dr. Krauskopf

"It requires courage, moral courage, the highest kind of courage to be honest: fairly, frankly, fully honest. If you are honest, there lives not a man on earth who can humiliate you. If you have honor, though very little else besides, you have more wealth, more glory, more power, than all the hypocrites combined."
(Nov. 21, 1897)

"Tolerance of another's rational faith is the truest stamp of the genuineness and high standard of one's own faith."
(Oct. 23, 1898)

"Not yet have we grasped the scientific truth that society is an organic whole in which the welfare of all is dependent upon the well-being of each…"
(April 13, 1902)

"Happiness is never a product of external treasure. It can only spring from within, from a clean heart, from a pure conscience."
(Feb. 4, 1906)

"He who does not voluntarily do more than he is obliged to do will in time do less than he ought, and in the end will find himself unable to do what he must."
(Feb. 20, 1916)

"Our nation was conceived in simplicity and frugality, and nurtured in godliness and righteousness, and by those alone can it be preserved."
(Oct. 2, 1921)