Gridiron Days: Football Down On The Farm
  Planting the Seeds (1896-1910)

In 1897, in spite of insufficient funding and players, the year-old National Farm School found its limited number of students organizing an athletic association that would make sports a common feature of the school. The next year, the "Green and Gold Bulldog" football team, known today as the Aggies, (although both Bulldogs and Aggies would be used alternately for many years) made a courageous attempt at competition. Though their lack of experience led to a 15-5 defeat against Doylestown High School, their rigid determination later paid dividends. The next year, they played five games, four of which ended in victory (the last game was a tie).

Significant obstacles plagued the 1900 team, which won that season's one and only game. Initially, prospects for the 1901 season weren't so bright, either. Yet even with few reliable players, no coach, and numerous injuries, the team went undefeated, not allowing a single point to be scored against them in the few games played that year. In fact, the Bulldogs would not lose a game until 1905.

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The N.F.S. 1905 football team